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Welcome to Magnet Games! Home to eight of the internet's most magnetic games. Each of these eight games will require for you to use your hand and eye coordination to successfully navigate through each of the levels. Bookmark Magnet Games

2021 Update: We are in the process of converting all the games to work without the flash plugin.
The top game "Magnetism" was just done January 6th. Pedal to the Metal and Magnet Towers both done January 12th. Pedal might have an audio issue, but still playable.
If you need us to fix another game before any other, please email us the game name

magnetism game
Pick from one of the two game modes and get your silver ball to land into the landing cup without falling. To make things interesting and difficult, you will try to do this while being surrounded by powerful magnets.
pedal to the medal game
Pedal To The Metal
Pick a racing character and get ready for an all out race on the magnet race track. The first one to complete all of the laps and reach the finish line wins. Remember, too much speed can cause you to lose control and fall off of the track.
magnet towers game
Magnet Towers
Earn maximum points and create the largest tower by stacking the same colored pills on top of one another. Make sure that you watch out for the other colored pills with doing this because your tower will implode if you touch them.
magnetic defense game
Magnetic Defense
This crazy little monkey needs your help in freeing all of the pandas and grabbing as much bananas along the way. This will require alot of skill and patience, but the rewards are great.
magnetizr game
In MagnetiZR your goal is to create a magnetic distortion for the ink that comes out of the cannons. Use your positively charged magnets to create an attracting magnetic field that will help change the direction of the ink.
magneti ball game
Magneti Ball
The object of Magnet Ball is to get your ball to the end of all of the 60 levels with avoiding the deadly traps. To do this, you will need to uses your magnets to attract your ball until you have it traveling in the proper direction.
magnetic impulse game
Magnetic Impulse
Get your ball to go through each level's colorful and swirling vortex by using your various directions blocks to effect the direction of the ball. See how good you are by trying to use the fewest amount of these blocks as you can.
magnets game
Shoot magnets from one magnet gun to another without straying from its proper directional line. Use your positive and negative magnets to help aid you in this mission.
Magnet Towers Is Now Top Third game, look up ^